International Student Visa

Today’s Hartford Business Journal has an article about visa delay uncertainties with the International Entrepreneur Parole Program, which features our own Dana Bucin. Dana is the Editor of “Immigration Law Insights”, as well as the Chair of Murtha Cullina’s Immigration Practice.

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Coming to the United States in order to attend an educational institution is oftentimes the first step foreign individuals will take on their long journey to fulfilling their American Dream. For example, a foreign student may enroll in a U.S. university, graduate, get a job here and be on their way toward permanent residence and, potentially, full-fledged citizenship. Foreign students are also attractive to universities due to the fact that they will usually have to pay their tuition in full as they generally do not qualify for public student aid assistance or in-state tuition discounts. Continue Reading New Immigration Policies Lead to Decline in Foreign Student Applications at U.S. Universities